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The War of Independence Pendant (SOLD OUT)

The War of Independence Pendant (SOLD OUT)

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In 1942, a service medal for the Irish War of Independence was created by orders of the Irish Government. In the centre appears a standing figure, depicting a typical IRA Flying Column Volunteer in typical dress (trench coat and cap with rifle, revolver and bandoleer). He is surrounded by the Four Provinces of Ireland: Ulster, Munster, Connacht and Leinster. The word 'ÉIRE' (meaning Ireland) appears horizontally across the centre of the medal, and the phrase 'Cogadh na Saoirse' (Fight for Freedom) was inscribed at the bottom. At the back of the medal appears a palm leaf, which is symbolic of victory. 

The original medals are 1.54 inches (39mm) in diameter, which makes it a beautiful piece of artwork and Irish history memorabilia however, this makes them impossible to wear on a necklace or chain as they are too big and heavy. 

These recreated, replica pieces are made of silver and handcrafted by a professional Jeweller in Kilkenny, Ireland. They are 1.06 inches (27mm) in diameter. These are the only recreations of the medal in this wearable size that exist in the world, which makes me very proud to be the initiator of this huge project. 

This pendant represents the deep connection to Irish cultural heritage, the resilient spirit, the Irish language, the fight and the struggles that us Irish people went through over centuries, not just in Ireland, but all over the world as we emigrated our homeland for the chance of a better life in a new country.

This pendant represents Éire, but most of all, this pendant represents 'Saoirse' (Freedom). 


• Size: 1.06 inch (27mm) diameter
• Material: Silver
• Weight: 12 grams

• Handcrafted by Tim Coffey Jewellery in Kilkenny, Ireland
• The first wearable version of this medal ever created
• Necklace included

This pendant is a handcrafted replica of the war of independence service medal. It is modelled off an original medal, but the pendant is not an original piece. It is a downsized version so it can be wearable on a chain/necklace. 

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Customer Reviews

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Anais Alexandre
My most important piece.

The whole process of purchasing the pendent went beyond exceptional customer service and quality. Davy made sure I was informed about every decision and everything down to when the pendants would arrive. I bought 2, one for me and one for my dad. My great grandfather fought in the IRA so it was very special for me to be able to have a piece of our history. I gave my father the pendent on the 75th anniversary of the IRA. Anyway 15/10 best shop ever!

Dana Barlow
WOI Medal

This medal pendant is beautiful. The quality and detail is impeccable. Shipped rather quickly as well from Ireland to New Mexico US. I’m definitely getting another one for my son in the near future.


Brilliant piece of jewellery to my collection, quick delivery as well many thanks Davy

Michael F Coughlan
Amazing piece

This was a treasure find I’m very, very grateful to have this in my collection

Seán Molloy